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Make your own Haunted House sign – Halloween party prop

It’s quick and easy to make a great looking haunted house sign, warning sign, or Halloween lawn decoration. The sign below was made with a foam board, some gray, black, and red paint. It took about 1 hour and cost under $10.   You can use any saying you’d like. Make a ‘keep out’ sign, […]

Make your own Grim Reaper prop

Making a Grim Reaper guard for a haunted house or Grim Reaper Halloween decoration is quick and quite easy. Here is the 6’4″ guard I made with a few pieces of cloth, chicken wire, and some PVC pipes. The project took about 1.5 hour to complete. Materials Needed – PVC pipe and various joints – […]

Make your own Treasure Chest – Pirate party prop

Make your own treasure chest for a pirate theme birthday party or pirate theme Halloween party. Below is a picture of the chest I made. You’ll also find progress photos and an explanation on how to make a pirate treasure chest. The project took about 3 hours in all.   Recommended Materials: – 1 styrofoam […]

Easter Cards for Kids – the best Easter card sites for printable Easter cards and Easter crafts

Easter is a great occasion to print your own cards. You probably only need a few, but even if you are printing a hundred Easter Egg Hunt invitations, many of the online templates make it fast and affordable. You can make Easter cards for kids with your personalized Easter message.  Some of the card templates […]

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Cards and Printable St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations

You can make your own St. Patrick’s Day cards to print and St. Patrick’s Day party invitations free online. There are 24 St. Patrick’s Day card templates you can use from MES Cards. There is a new card maker that let’s you print a personalized St. Patty’s Day card or cool party invite. With cute […]