Print employee of the month certificates with your employees photo or company logo

Printing your own employee of the month certificates online has never been easier.  There are formal certificates templates for employee of the month certificates or any other company success you want to reward your staff member with.  You can edit the templates with text of your choice, add a picture of the employee or add your company’s logo to print the perfect employee of the year, manager of the year, or salesman of the month certificates.employee of the month certificate

The free certificate templates have formal backgrounds.  The photo spots on the certificates allow you to upload a photo of the employee right from your computer.  You do not need to create an account.  No registration or software to download.  The makers are 100% online and free to use.

The certificate templates have photo frames with square photo options, star photo frames and oval photo frames.  With each template you can choose which style of photo cut-out you’d like.

printable certificate templates printable certificate templates printable certificate templates

Each template has over 20 different font styles to choose from.  There are formal fonts, elegant fonts, plain text fonts as well as other fonts for sports, fun or cute fonts to match your business theme.  All of the text can be edited.  So and the employees name to the certificate, write a small personal message about the accomplishment, add your presidents name and spot to sign the certificate.

The certificates for staff member or employees print out full page on any paper size.  The certificate makers will format the certificates to whatever paper size you have loaded in your printer. So print your own 8×11 certificates, Letter sized certificates or Legal size certificates.

Use photo paper or a higher quality printer paper for a studier certificate that will make for better presentation.

If you don’t want to use a photo or picture for your employee of the month certificate template, no problem.  Check out  There are formal certificate templates you can print with portrait or landscape certificate templates.

certificate templates online printable certificate templates

So if you are need of great looking certificate templates to download and edit, these free certificate makers ought to put an end to your searching.  Good luck making your certificates and congratulations to your employee(s)! If you have any questions about how to make your own printable certificates online, please feel free to contact me.

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