Top 3 sites for pumpkin stencils and jack o’ lantern patterns 2015

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Just a couple weeks away, Halloween will soon be upon us.  One of the best parts of Halloween is decorating and carving pumpkins.  (OK, the best part is being younger than 12 and getting free candy.)  I’ve been a big pumpkin carver since 2002 and great pumpkin stencil sites have been popping up here and there ever since.

Here is a set of my pumpkins carved from stencils printed off the net:
Halloween pumpkin stencils

While the pumpkins look impressive, it’s actually very easy.  It just takes a little practice and patience.  Anyone can carve a beautiful pumpkin.

So what’s the best pumpkin pattern website out there?  Well, actually it depends on whether you want easier patterns, more difficult patterns or knock-your-socks-off patterns.  But, let’s just get on with the list.

#1 – Zombie Pumpkins – This is by far my favorite pumpkin pattern website.  I carve zombie pumpkin patterns every year.  The patterns are a nice blend of fun, cute and spooky.  The website has many different categories, like creature for kids, unique creations, heroes, villains, Tim Burton characters, movie characters and more.  There are also pumpkin stencils for Avengers Superheroes, Toy Story characters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 2, Tangled, Nightmare Before Christmas, and classics like Freddy Krueger, Jason and Chucky.

Captain America pumpkin pattern, pumpkin stencil spooky forest pumpkin patternowl pumpkin pattern Freddy Krueger pumpkin pattern

Pumpkin Stencils

#2 – – This is the ultimate printable pumpkin pattern site for novice to extreme.  There are some easy cut-through patterns.  These are simple patterns where you cut out all of the pieces.  Then there are some amazing patterns you can do if you want to work with shading.  Shading a pumpkin is where you only remove the pumpkin skin and leave the pumpkin meat in portions.  It creates stronger pumpkins for more intricate cuts and also makes 3 different colors for better image definition.  Check out the site.  There’s a pattern for everything here.

jack o' lantern stencils

#3 – JP’s jammin pumpkins – is another great pumpkin stencil site.  There are a mix of easy patterns and extreme patterns.  The pumpkin stencils have smooth lines but many can be quite challenging with thin cuts and complex designs.  They are all cut-through patterns and there’s quite a selections from video game characters to patterns for kids, monsters and more.

stencils for pumpkins patterns for pumpkins patters for pumpkins

Again, there are a lot of great sites for making your own Halloween pumpkins and stencils for you to use to create the perfect Halloween display.  I hope these sites give you a little more direction.

Have a very safe and happy Halloween!

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