750+ photo templates, photo borders and picture frames for printable stationery: invitations, calendars, cards, and more

Print With My Pic now has over 750 free printable templates for your photos and pictures.  With the addition of some new 2013 calendar templates, Halloween templates, and Christmas templates, the site has a huge selection of free photo templates online.

Print With My Pic has 5 main types of photo templates you can use:

photo templates

Each of the categories have photo templates for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, cute backgrounds and borders, plain photo cut-out templates to personalize, cool borders and frames, as well as other themes.  You can also find some cool photo templates like ticket invitation templates, bookmark templates, magazine cover templates on the site.  Make a printable movie ticket invitation with your photo, add your picture to a magazine cover, or print a bookmark with a great picture to give as a gift.  With so many templates and styles, it’s easy to find the perfect printable photo stationery for your craft project.

How to make printables with these online templates and your photo:

Once you click on a template preview, it will load in a new window.  With each template there is a photo upload tool on the left-hand side.  You can add a photo from your computer by clicking the first button, “find photo”.  Once you find the photo on your computer you can select it and then click the second button, “upload photo”.  That will add the photo to the server and make it available for your photo template of choice.  Lastly, click the third button, “add photo”.  You should then see your photo appear in the photo cut-out and a photo controller will also appear.

You can also add a photo that’s online, simply by using the URL to the photo.  Just paste the URL into the space below the “add photo” button (be sure to delete all of the sample text.)  Then, click the “add photo” button.

Edit your photo in the photo frame cut-out:

With the photo controller, you can zoom in or zoom out.  You can rotate the picture and move it around in the picture frame.  By using these tools you can crop the image to show just what you want.  You can zoom in and get a great close up.  Rotate the picture to design printable stationery that’s no so “square”.  Making perfect looking photo printables is quick and easy with these free online templates.

Design your layout and add a personalized message:

You can edit all of the text in the templates to make a great looking printable birthday card, photo calendar with your information in the dates, party invitations or just decorations for your wall. Make a card template into an invitation, erase everything an print blank photo templates, or use the sample text for the photo templates.

With many of the templates you also have the option of moving the text around.  When you roll over the text you might see a button appear that says “move me”.  Just click on that button to drag the text to wherever you’d like it.

Print your photo cards, calendars, invitations, announcements and more:

Once everything looks the way you’d like, just hit the print button that’s right there on the template.  The makers will do the rest and adjust the templates to the paper size you select.  So, make an 8×10 photo frame, 5×7 printable invitation, 4×6 wedding announcement, print Christmas postcards, or any other size.

Make as many copies as you need.  The online photo templates are free!

I’m certainly not done adding templates.  There are many great categories so far, wedding stationery, birthday stationery, Christmas stationery, Halloween stationery, Mother’s Day stationery, Father’s Day stationery, Valentine’s Day stationery, and graduation stationery.  However, I’m not done.  My goal is to have over 1,000 templates and I still have a few more categories and themes to go … I hope you enjoy them!

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