Car theme birthday cards, calendar, car party invitations and sports car and racing printable party supplies

Using your own pictures, you can make printable car theme birthday cards, printable calendar 2012, free birthday party invitations and other printables.  Print With My Pic has some free printable card templates, printable sports car calendar templates and invitation templates that are quick and easy to use.  Here’s how to make your own car, sports car or racing theme party invite and printable birthday party supplies using your own pictures.

Select the type of car printable you want to make

printable cards printable calendar with your photo

With the templates you can make your own:

With these blank birthday templates you can design birthday invitation,  birthday card to print and more.  There are also plenty of other templates, Valentine’s templates to make a sports car Valentine’s Day card or birthday templates as well.  Check the main page for all of your options.

Add a car picture to the templates

After you open the templates, you’ll see an image upload option.  If you have a picture that you like, you can use that.  The templates let you add a picture right from your computer.  If you’d like to look at some other options for car pictures, just do a quick google images search for car images to print.

Save any royalty free image that you like to your computer or just right click and copy the URL to any free picture you like.  You can also add pictures from the Internet by pasting the URL into the templates.

Edit your card and add a personalized message

After you add a picture to your birthday templates, poster to print, etc., you’ll see a photo controller that will allow you to edit your cars picture.  You can zoom in, zoom out, rotate the picture, and move it around in the photo frame.

There are some text boxes that you can edit and use to personalize car birthday cards for kids, your son, friends or family.  For Word templates, just use the text boxes they have.  You can erase everything and print blank car b-day invites if you want.  The makers from Print With My Pic will give you plenty of options.

Print your car calendar, etc.

If everything looks good, then hit the “print” button and you’re all set.  Make sure your paper is loaded in the printer and if you are using a non-standard paper size, check that the paper settings are all set before printing.  (It’s always good to print a test copy, but that’s up to you.)

Car theme birthday party ideas and free printable party supplies:

These templates can be used to make printable car trading cards to give away to party guests.  You can use them to make personalized car playing cards for group games like Old Maid, War, Concentration, or Go Fish.  The printable picture frame templates print full to page for any paper size. That means you can add some index card sized paper to your printer (adjust your printer settings,) and make fun cards and more.

Use the printable car playing cards at the party, and  then at the end of the party, give the cards you printed as stuffers in birthday party gift bags or as printable party favors for the kids.

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