April behavior charts, printable April sticker charts, and sticker chart template to print for free

Making a great looking April sticker chart to print or behavior chart for April is easy at Print With My Pic.  You can add a photo to cute sticker chart templates for kids, cool templates, plain templates or make printable Easter behavior charts.  Make a sticker chart for kids with their picture on it or their favorite character’s picture, picture from a movie they like, anything!

printable april behavior charts

The calendar templates at Print With My Pic come with a photo frame and grid at the bottom.  If you add a photo but don’t choose a month, you’ll have an empty grid that works as an excellent Easter behavior chart to print for free.  There are plain templates with simple shaped frames, cute templates, or Easter templates you can use. For more options visit the main index: behavior chart templates

printable behavior chart http://www.printwithmypic.com/calendars/cute.phpprintable easter sticker chart

If you don’t want to use your own photo, check out Stickers and Charts.com.  There are quite a few charts to choose from, such as cute, smiley, sports and of course Easter.

printable behavior charts dinosaur behavior chart easter sticker chart to print

That site is also a great place to find free printable stickers for your April behavior charts.

How to make a sticker chart with your own photo or a character photo:

Once you find a sticker chart template that you like, click on the preview and the maker will open online in a new window.  You’ll see a place to upload the picture of your choice.  You can make a printable character sticker chart or any other themed sticker chart by just uploading those images.  Add your class picture, a school logo, a picture of kids, family, whatever! It’s up to you.

You’ll see a button labeled “month”.  That will allow you to add a calendar for any month into the grid, but for a simple sticker chart to print, just ignore that option.  By ignoring this option we’ll get a 7 day behavior chart grid where students can place stickers and begin filling out their incentives sheets.  The really cool part is you can also make printable certificate to match the sticker charts once the student completes the chart!  Just check out the certificate templates and load the same picture, edit the text and print!

You can read more about making various character sticker charts and a more in-depth explanation by checking out the how to make a behavior chart to print post.

For previous ideas or just more ideas on behavior charts fro previous months, check these out:

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