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Problems printing 4×6 invitations or 5×7 cards – setting your default paper size

At Print With My Pic you can make: printable invitations printable cards printable calendars printable picture frames and more with your own pictures.  The templates will let you print any paper size you define, so you can make 5×7 invitations or printable 4×6 greeting cards.  Easily said, but sometimes there are problems. Setting your printer […]

No more file size restrictions on photo uploads

Great news!  With a slightly painful server and systems update, all of the original coding done for the site finally works!  You can upload your own photos and images to the server and then insert them into printable cards, photo calendar templates, picture frames and more! Before, there were some restrictions associated with the platform […]

Tips for taking great graduation photos | 5 simple and easy ideas to improve digital camera photos

Digital cameras are great, one, because they are small enough to carry around everywhere and two, because there are so many things you can do with the photos.  One problems is that it’s not necessarily as easy as “point and shoot” to get a great photo.  If you are trying to get a great photo […]

DON’T print with my pic!

There may be a few people out there that like the templates available on Print With My Pic, but just don’t want to use their own picture or after loading several pictures into different templates find that they’d rather not use a picture at all.  So, what can they do? Well, Print With My Pic […]

What file types make for the best printable pictures

Digital pictures are great but many times we want to show them off to people, make a scrapbook, or decorate our rooms with them.  So we need to print them.  However, some pictures seem to print better or clearer than others.  This is also true if you are using printable birthday card templates. The best […]