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Why make your own handmade Christmas cards

Christmas cards are historically a homemade craft item and creating your own Christmas cards with photos is just the modern way to do it.

The first Christmas card we are familiar dates back to the 1840s and thereafter cards were mostly illustrations. In America, near the turn of the century, printing companies began producing large quantities of Christmas cards for exchanges. In those days, hand-made Christmas items were preferred over commercial products, because it was the thought that counted. While the cards sold it wasn't until the 1910s and 20s that Christmas cards for exchange really grew in popularity.

In the 1920s Christmas cards were very popular and a new wave hit the American Christmas card tradition. There was great interest in unique and custom designed cards. This gave way to a new era in Christmas cards, breaking away from the then typical illustrations. Photos on Christmas cards saw a rise and have been a part of Christmas card history ever since.

In recent years, the accessibility of digital cameras, quality printers, and commercially available photo paper has meant a rise in homemade Christmas photo cards. Added to the increased interest in scrap-booking and desire to give hand-made gifts, the popularity of Christmas cards with a photo decorated and printed at home has grown over the years.

Here's hoping you are able to make the perfect handmade Christmas card with a photo of your choice. I'm sure your friends and family will love the modern throw back to the days of "it's the thought and effort that count."

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