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Printable Calendar 2018 &
2018 Photo Calendar Templates

Are you looking for a way to create your very own customizable printable calendar with photos? Well, you've come to the right place. The calendar maker can create photo calendars with your very own images and text. Just visit us online and pick up one of our blank monthly templates or full year calendar templates. Add the images you'd like and text anywhere in the template and that's it!

Printable calendar 2018 or 2019


add your photo to any of the templates quickly and easily.  Grab a photo from your computer or use a photo you have on the internet by simply entering the URL to the photo.

- Simple frames for your pictures
- Picture calendar templates and personalized text
- Birthday and celebration calendars
- Cute calendars to print
- Cute backgrounds and cool patterns
- Colorful abstract calendar borders
- Cool calendar templates
- Powerful calendar templates

    calendar to print

December calendar template

Printable holiday calendars with your photo


add your picture to holiday calendars and calendar templates with holiday theme designs.  You can make special occasion calendars for home, school work or for friends.

- Valentine's Day and Love theme calendars
- St. Patrick's Day, clovers, rainbows, pots of gold
- Easter calendars, bunnies, Jesus, Easter eggs
- 4th of July calendars, fireworks, American flags
- Halloween calendars to print
- Printable Thanksgiving and Fall Harvest calendars
- Christmas calendar templates and winter calendars

Personalized or Printable Calendar Templates Available

The calendars support 2019, 2018 and beyond. They can be customized to a monthly or yearly calendar as well as a regular appointment calendar or a military format calendar. Whether you want it short and small or tall and large, you can customize the size of your calendar to fit your needs. Stop wasting money on calendars when Print With My Pic can help you make a printable calendar for free!

The calendar makers have some cool features:
  • choose a month for a monthly calendar or make a full year calendar
  • add an image right from your computer or from the Net
  • manipulate your image in the program so that it fits perfectly
  • no URL or site markings on your calendar
  • no registration or software to download
  • the calendar will format full page to any paper size
  • option for Sunday or Monday start to the month (default is Sunday)
  • more options for calendar layouts to come
  • it's free!

There is a line across the top of the calendar with the site's name. That field is really for you, the user. You may type over that and enter your organization's name, add your school's name, or what the calendar is for. If you don't want to use it, just erase the text from the field.

As it states above, the calendars will format full page to any size. So, if you want to make note card sized calendars, just change your paper size to note card and the maker will shrink everything down to note card size without loss of quality. If you want poster sized calendars, just load in the paper and hit the print button.

The software runs online on the site's server. You don't need to download anything and since your image is stored temporarily in a private folder, there's no need to register or create an account. (All images are dumped daily.)

I tried to make the maker as straight forward as possible. I wanted a powerful tool with a simple single page interface. It may not be that simple to you at first. If you need some help with the maker, please check out the tutorials page for some hints. If you are still having problems please feel free to email me. There is a contact link at the bottom of any page.

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