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Add a photo to printable picture frames, printable photo frames, personalized picture frame templates, or make printable photo cards

These photo frame templates allow you to make printable posters for kids, picture frames for your photos that you can print or you can print 5x7 or 4x6 flat photo cards as well.  Add your picture to the printable photo frame templates, edit your photo and any text and print.  These print full page so make a full page poster or print these to a post card and make smaller photos to put in a picture frame or to give to friends.
Christmas photo frames

Print photo frames or make full page posters:

add your photo to any of the templates. You can add a picture from your computer or use the URL to a picture on the Net.  The printable picture frames are free and available online.  There's no account registration required and nothing to download.  

- birthday photo frames to print
- simple printable photo frames or poster templates
- St. Patrick's Day photo frame templates
- Easter picture frame templates
- Mother's Day picture frame templates
- Father's Day picture frame templates
- Graduation photo frame templates
- Halloween photo frame templates
- Christmas photo card templates
- love and Valentine's photo frame templates
- more templates coming soon

Christmas photo frames


Print a magazine cover template:

add your photo to a fake magazine template and be come a cover model today!  There are templates for fashion magazines, sports magazines, holidays, news, entertainment and more.

 printable bookmark templates

Printable bookmark templates:

add your picture to photo bookmark templates. You can make graduation bookmarks, save-the-date bookmarks, make bookmarks to give as gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day or for birthday presents for mom or Dad.

You can add personalized text to the bookmark template, change the colors for the backgrounds and bookmark patterns. There are cute bookmark templates, formal bookmarks templates, plain bookmark templates, and fun templates as well.

The printable poster templates and picture frames to print online are free and easy to use.

These are designed to be used as printable photo frames. You can add a picture to one of the templates, add a personalized message to the photo, crop the picture and make simple changes quick and easy. The templates are pretty versatile, so you can use them to make a poster to print or use them as printable greeting cards.  Try a few different options and you'll see that there may even be other possibilities I haven't imagined yet.

The free picture frames to print have some cool features:
  • add an image saved on your computer or add a picture using the URL to the photo
  • edit your image by cropping, zooming in, out, rotating and shifting
  • no URL or site brandings on your printouts
  • print 5x7, 4x6, Letter, Legal, ... - the makers will format full page
  • 6 different font options for most designs
  • move text around, change the colors of text or delete it all for plain posters
  • more options for printable picture frame and poster layouts to come
  • it's free!

As above, the makers format full page for any page size. So, if you want to make index card sized photo to put in a frame, 5x7, 4x6 photos, just change your paper size to the size you want and the maker will enlarge or reduce everything without loss of quality.

The program runs online on the website's server. There's nothing to download and no account registration required.

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