Graduation party invitations and free printable graduation party supplies

You can make personalized graduation party invitations with your own photo, a school mascot, graduation 2012 graphics, senior photo or any picture you’d like.  At Print With My Pic there are free printable 5×7 graduation party invitation templates, graduation party ticket templates, 4×6 graduation party invitations 2012 to print and other 2011 graduation printables you can make and print online for free.

Graduation party invitation tickets to print:

ticket invitation graduationgraduation invitation templategraduation ticket template

Using these printable graduation party ticket templates, you can add your own photos, the graduation party information like the host’s name, party address, time and RSVP information.  You can edit everything down to the bar code!  There are a few different fonts with each graduation ticket template and you can change the colors to match your school colors.

Flat 5×7 and 4×6 graduation party invitations:

graduation party invitations templatesprintable graduation party invitations

With these templates as well, you can add a photo of your choice.  Each of the templates has a title text line you can edit to write “Graduation Party”, “School Name’s Class of 20XX” or “Your Name’s Graduation Party” for example graduation party invitation wording.  There is also a message section that has up to 5 lines of text for a message to write on your free printable graduation party invitation.  Personalize the invitation with the party date, time, venue address and any other information you want to add.

If you don’t have a good picture to use or you don’t want to a picture you have, that’s no problem.  The graduation party invitation maker can accept any image file.  you can load a saved image right from your computer or paste the URL to a free 2012 graduation image your find online.  Check out these options:

Edit the search terms for any other image you might want to use.  Save any free image to your computer or just right click and save the URL to the image.  Paste the URL right into the image uploader and add your image to the party templates that way.

If you find a really cool image you’d like to use for the entire party invitation, try the blank templates.  You can add your own illustrations and artwork as well.

For more graduation party supplies and printables you can use for your graduation party, check out the graduation printables guide.  There are ideas for graduation printables to use at the party, thank you cards you can send, graduation party favors you can give out to guests, graduation bookmarks to print, graduation announcements, folding cards to print, and even some printables you can give out as thank gifts to the people that attend the party.

graduation printables free

Whether you are hosting a high school graduation party, college graduation party, elementary school, kindergarten or preschool graduation party, these graduation party invitation templates will be a big hit.  Then add in some of the free printable graduation party supplies using the same images and styles and your party will come together nicely.  If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.  I’d be glad to help.

Congratulations Class of 2012!

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