Printable St. Patrick’s Day Cards and Printable St. Patrick’s Day Party Invitations

You can make your own St. Patrick’s Day cards to print and St. Patrick’s Day party invitations free online. There are 24 St. Patrick’s Day card templates you can use from MES Cards. There is a new card maker that let’s you print a personalized St. Patty’s Day card or cool party invite. With cute designs and photo covers, it’s easy to find a template that will work.

St. Patrick's Day card to make St. Patrick's Day card to makeSt. Patrick's Day card to make

There are St. Patrick’s Day cards for kids and St. Patrick’s Day cards for adults.  You can find card designs with a pot of gold, rainbows, leprechauns, Irish pub images, clovers, shamrocks, fairies, good luck horse shoes, and of course green beer.  There are 3 pages of card templates in all.  There are 2 pages with illustrations and a page with photo images.  The photo image St. Patrick’s Day cards might be best for St. Patrick’s Day party invitations for adults.

St. Patrick’s Day card makers:

If you click on one of the St. Patrick’s Day templates, a new window will open.  You’ll see your card selection to the right and you’ll also see the sample St. Patrick’s Day card wording.  You can personalize all of the text inside the card with your own sayings, or delete everything and print blank St. Patrick’s Day cards. You can also make changes to the card text right on the card if you’d like. So, when you are ready, hit the “OK” button and you’ll see your card and personalized St. Patrick’s Day message.  (You can always go back to the card menu by clicking on the menu option at the top left of the card maker.)

Design your own printable St. Patrick’s Day card:

Each card has 7 different font options.  At the top of the St. Patrick’s Day card template, there is an option labeled “change font”.  If you click on that, you’ll be able to scroll through the different fonts.  You should be able to find a font to match your card’s feel.

When you roll over the top of any text field, you’ll get a message control bar that appears.  This has options like “move me”, zoom in, zoom out buttons, and buttons that let you rotate your text to the left or right.  To move the text to a different spot on the card or just shift it up or down slightly, click on the “move me” button and drag that to anywhere you’d like.  By clicking on the “plus” icon you can make the text larger.  By clicking on the “minus” icon, you can reduce the size of the text. With these different options, it’s very easy to design your own printable St. Patrick’s Day party supplies for free.

Print St. Patrick’s Day cards:

Once you’ve made all of your changes, you are ready to print.  There is a purple “print” button at the top of each template.  If you click on that your card should begin the printing process.  Usually, you’ll get a print window that opens.  You can choose your printer and how many copies you’d like.  Print as many copies as you need. And that’s all! Your free printable St. Patrick’s Day party invitation will come dancing out of the printer.

Make a St. Patrick’s Day envelope to match:

Below each card maker there is a link for the envelope maker.  The printable St. Patrick’s Day envelope templates match the cards, but you can print a blank envelope or mix and match designs if you’d like.  There are options for personalizing the envelopes with a name and address, return address and even a message on the back of the envelope.  You have the same 7 font options and text editing features as the card makers.  When you have made your changes, hit the “print” button and you’re done!

There are also some St. Patrick’s Day picture frames that work well as cards or even posters for an event.

If you need any help with the above, or just want to share your own St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, please comment below.  I’d be glad to help.  I hope your St. Patrick’s Day party is a dancing success!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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