April 2014 calendar, free printable calendar templates for 2014 April monthly calendar to print

Make a printable April calendar 2014 online for free.  The 2014 calendar maker from Print With My Pic lets you make and print a calendar for April 2014 with a photo of your choice on the calendar.  There are plain photo calendar templates with a variety of picture frames or you can make an Easter photo calendar 2014 with Easter calendar background templates.  There’s another great site for printable calendar templates, MES Calendars.  It has April calendar templates to personalize and print with Easter artwork, birthday designs, spring flowers, rainbows, and more.  Both sites are free to use.  See below for samples from each for great April 2014 calendars to print.

Printable photo calendar templates for April 2014

Insert a photo into the calendar templates, edit the calendar text, add a title (if you want) and print.  You can put in birthdays, events and your schedule into the calendar.  You can choose from a Sunday start for the week or make a Monday start April calendar to print.

Add your picture to the calendars or add your favorite Easter picture to the calendars.  If you have a great photo, use that or you can do a quick image search for Easter images you can use in your April photo calendar.

Save any free image that you like to your computer or right click on the image and copy the URL to the image.  You can add photos and pictures right from your computer or paste the URL to an image online and insert a picture into the calendar template that way.

If you want to use Easter calendar templates, here are a sample of some of the Easter calendar styles:

There are 8 different Easter calendars to print for 2014.  There are Christian theme photo calendar templates, Easter bunny calendar templates, calendars with Jesus, Easter egg calendar templates, chicks and spring flower designs. Again, you can add any picture to the templates.

If you don’t want to use your own photos or pictures, try the printable Easter calendar from MES Calendars:

There are also some great ready-to-print April calendar templates from Sunday School Printables. These are Christian theme calendars and have a place you you to insert any Bible verse you’d like right onto the calendar.

Using any of the above sites you can print an April 2014 calendar for your wall, desk, office, classroom, kitchen or fridge. The sites are free and all of templates are easy to use.  You don’t need to download anything to use the free calendars makers 2014 and none of the sites require you to register, give personal information or your email address.

Have a fabulous April!

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