Teen magazine cover template | design fake magazine covers with your photo for free online

Make a fake teen magazine cover with your photo, edit the cover template, change the text, add your name, change the colors and design the perfect teen magazine cover to print.  Add a photo to a teen magazine cover template, fashion magazine template and more.  The magazine cover templates let you edit the photo in the frame print a single page, poster or make a small card, it’s up to you.

Upload a photo: Once you open a template, you’ll see everything you need to get started.  First, upload your photo to the magazine template.  The free magazine templates have a photo uploader where you add a picture from your PC  or you can add any photo off the Net by pasting the URL to the photo.

Edit a magazine cover photo: Once your photo is loaded into the teen magazine template, you can make changes to the photo to make it look just like a teen magazine cover shot.  You can zoom in rotate, crop the photo, and move it around in the photo frame.  You can always go back and edit the photo position, etc. before printing.

Design your own teen magazine layout: Each of the magazine headlines, artwork, and article descriptions can be edited.  You can change the text color and move the text around on the page as well.  add a price and bar code, or remove it.  It’s best to first move the text around and get the placement you like.  If you move your mouse over the top of the text area, you’ll see buttons appear, one is labeled “move me”.  By clicking on that, you can drag the text around the page and place it wherever you’d like.

After you have the text in place, try changing the font colors for the title text and headline texts to see what combination looks best.  You can personalize each of the headlines individually to get a variety of dark and light combinations that will look great over your photo.

Edit the cover headlines: After you have designed your layout and color scheme, go ahead and change any of the text.  You can change the title of the magazine and any of the headlines.  If you don’t want to use all of the headlines, just delete any text and they’ll be blank on printing.  Erase all of the text fields and you’ll have a blank teen magazine cover template to print.

Print a photo on a teen magazine cover: If it all looks good, hit the print button.  You can also click on the preview button to take a look at the magazine design before printing.  If it all looks good, hit print and make a teen magazine cover poster for your wall, locker, or even as a book cover.

Use these free online templates to make mag cover posters and teen mag covers for kids to print with a photo of you or friends.  There are templates for other types of magazines as well.

Happy printing!

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