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Printable Valentines Day cards, 2018 Valentine's Day calendars, Valentine's Day coloring sheets, Valentine's Day certificates, bookmarks

, and more!

Valentine's Day cards to print

 with your photo:

Print Valentine's Day cards using Valentines Day card templates from You can add a photo right to the cards and make the perfect 2018 Valentine's Day card for your boyfriend, girlfriend or just for a friend.  The Valentine's Day cards have text you can edit to make the perfect personalized Valentine's Day card.

- printable Valentine's Day card templates from

If you don't want to use you picture, try the Valentine's Day card templates from  There are 15 different Halloween theme templates with photo backgrounds and cute animated calendar templates as well.

- Valentine's Day cards from

Valentine's Day photo frames to print

 and can be made into flat Valentine's Day cards:

Valentine's Day photo frame templates with your picture.  Upload any picture into the templates, edit and print.  Make a Valentine's Day 2018 poster of you with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Try these for landscape, 5x7 Valentine's Day cards, Valentine Dance Party invitations and more:

Valentine's Day photo card template  Valentine's Day photo card template Valentine's Day photo card template

Valentine's Day Calendars

 with your photo:

Print 2018 or 2019 Valentine's Day calendars with you picture.  Add a picture to a printable Valentine's Day calendar template.  Edit all of the text for the month and print a personalized Valentine's Day theme February calendar.

- Valentine's Day Calendars to print from

If you don't want to use your own photos for your Valentine calendar to print, take a look at  There are ready to print Valentine's Day calendars with illustrations and photos for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day magazine cover


make a fake magazine cover with a picture of you, your boyfriend, girlfriend or both of you. You can make a 2018 "couple of the year" printable poster that looks like a Valentine's Day magazine.  Print the cover and put it on your wall, in locker or use it any way you'd like.  More magazine cover templates on the magazine page.

Valentine's Day coloring pages


free Valentine's Day coloring pages are always a hit.  Here are over 25 different Valentine coloring sheets you can print for friends, your children, as Valentine's Day activity for kids, or to follow-up after Valentine's Day lesson plans:

Valentine's Day worksheets to print


Tools for Educators is a teacher site with Valentine's worksheet makers and many different templates to make Valentine's lesson plan materials with images.  These are great for Valentine's materials to use in classes, but also many great printables for Valentine's Day lessons.
- Valentine's word searches
- Valentine's crosswords
- Valentine's mazes to print
- Valentine's spelling worksheets

More Valentine's Day printables


Here are a selection of other Valentine's Day printable items that you might be interested in:

- printable Valentine's Day stickers
- printable Valentine's Day sticker charts
- Valentine's Day bookmark templates
- printable Valentine's Day games
- printable Valentine's Day flashcards and Valentine's Day board games and teaching ideas

Valentine's is a great time of year to make your own personalized Valentine's Day cards and crafts.  The internet has made so many great Valentine's Day craft items, card templates and tips available to lovers on Valentine's Day.  I hope some of these Valentines printable sites and Valentines ideas have been helpful.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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